E Open Octaves Fun

Animated E Open Octaves Fun tab by ActionTab on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

Uses open strings and starts with E octaves (there is an E played on strings 1,2,4,6 at the start). Fingerings along the B string alternate slightly with the 4th finger. The same chord pattern is held although the positioning changes (D octaves - 5th Fret and B octaves - 2nd Fret).

This piece is about keeping good strumming rhythm and being careful with fingers so that each string is always sounding. Correct left hand fingering will prevent accidently muting any notes by left hand fingers as they move up and down the neck. Many people find this exercise good practice for developing control and strength in their little finger.

Open octaves played along with open strings like this are fun and very full sounding as each string is constantly in use.

Towards the end, the B octave played on the second fret produces dissonance* when the 4th finger drops to play the 4th fret on the B string. This is very clear on the slow actiontab, but note how it fits in when played at a faster pace in the normal speed version. Dissonant notes can often be dropped into play to good effect like this - but overusing dissonance can lead to your neighbours filing complaints to the police and anything with ears leaving your home.

* some notes work well together (consonant), others less well, and some, are often quite horrible (dissonant).

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