Dude Looks Like a Lady (Lead)

Animated Dude Looks Like a Lady (Lead) tab by Aerosmith on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

The lead guitar for this song is also very beginner friendly. That's excluding the solo of course, which is a lot harder. That said, the solo is great and well worth getting down one day when you're ready.

Like the backing guitar, the lead plays simple rhythmic riffs. Starting with double stops on the top 2 strings. Then switch between the D major / D sus4 chords. Notice that you must pick between the top 2 strings and the D bass note here.

Also, keep your 1st finger on the 2nd fret of the G string throughout - just as if you are playing a standard D chord. Keep it there as a precaution. That way if you accidentally overstrike, it will still sound good. If you don't have that finger in place and you overstrike, you'll play the open G string and it won't sound so good.

Just like the backing riff, there are a few times where this lick varies. Just play this little lick at those points.

Coming up to the solo the riffs change slightly. Instead of playing the D major / sus4 chords, play the top 2 notes of an F chord instead. Repeat until this powerchord sequence...

D5 - C5 - D5 - E5 - G5

Then it's solo time. If that's beyond you right now, just switch to the backing guitar riffs instead (this ActionTab).

The solo mostly uses the A pentatonic minor scale. Typical of Joe Perry there are a lot of double stops / pull offs and bends. He is a master of the blues rock solos and these techniques are the main components of this style.

After the solo play through the following powerchords:

E5 - D5 - E5, then strike the muted chord 8 times. Repeat.

This section of the song is exactly the same as the backing guitar part. Except for this bit and then ending on a fuller G major chord.

From there on, just outro using the same main riffs as the intro.

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