Drunken Sailor (Melody)

Animated Drunken Sailor (Melody) tab by Anon / Traditional on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

Perfect for beginners, pirates and cabin boys. After looking at the backing chords, lets isolate and look at the melody (you can hear both guitars play together in the normal speed audio if you want to).

The melody is played through twice in this ActionTab, so it's not as long as it may first appear. As usual, the best way to practice the melody is to divide it into manageable chunks. Practice each chunk until you get it up to speed, then move on to the next chunk. Use the bookmark feature to help you quickly mark / find your own sections in the ActionTab.

A useful way to divide the melody is according to the backing chords. Although the backing guitar has been removed in the ActionTab, we can still divide the melody for you here.

Use these as quick links:

Verses: A minor - G Major - A minor - G minor - A minor

Choruses: A minor - G Major - A minor - G minor - A minor

Practice each chunk as slowly as necessary until you get it right, only then build up your speed. Then, move on to the next chunk. And remember to swash yer buckles!

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