Drop D Example 1

Animated Drop D Example 1 tab by ActionTab on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This ActionTab is from the Theory section on Alternate Tunings. Here we take a look at the advantages and common uses of Drop D tuning.

Drop D tuning is quite popular in rock and metal music. This is because D is lower than E, which thickens the sound of the music. Also, only the Lowest string is retuned. This leads to 2 main advantages:
Powerchords on the Lowest 2 strings are very easy and can be fretted with just 1 finger at a time - as in Riff 1. This can lead to great speed due to ease of 1 finger chord changes! (Listen to the normal speed audio). Powerchords are the foundation of a lot of rock / metal songs, so Drop D is often used for this reason alone.
The rest of the strings are still in standard tuning, so most chords and scales remain familiar to those who are more used to standard tuning (which is the vast majority of guitarists). In Riff 2 we switch to using common chords like A minor, and C major - played just the same as in Standard tuning

Also, notice that we play D major by including the Low D string. In standard tuning the lowest 2 strings are usually omitted from this chord, but in Drop D we can use them. In fact, you should use them to get a fuller, thicker D chord!

In this ActionTab we simply switch between the same 2 riffs. If you feel like experimenting with Drop D tuning, begin with these riffs, or make something similar up for yourself. You'll soon see the uses of Drop D as a tuning.

Remember - to tune to Drop D from standard tuning is very easy. Just play the middle D string, and then retune your Lowest string to match.

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