Drain You

Animated Drain You tab by Nirvana on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

Nirvana played this song in D tuning, and so have we. It's nice and easy stuff (as long as you are used to powerchords). D Tuning is the same as standard E tuning except that each string is tuned down by 2 notes to:

D : G : C : F : A : D

The song is just a handful of simple chord progressions. 2 separate guitars were used to record the song, but you can play the whole thing on 1 guitar (like we show here). It sounds best if you switch between a clean and distorted sound via foot pedal. Or just turn your volume way down for the clean guitar parts if you don't have a foot pedal. It will sound muddy, but will work.

Intro / Main Riff - Start with a clean sound for your guitar, then hit the distortion to continue this simple repeating riff. Just 4 powerchords are used:

A5 - C#5 - F#5 - B5 (repeat)

Notice that sometimes open strings are struck between chord changes. This gives you time to switch chords more easily but keep the strumming going.

Chorus Riff - More of the same stuff. Play through E5 - D5 - B5 and then just keep switching between the D5 and B5 chords until the end of the chorus, which ends with - A5 - G5 - F#5

Interlude - Kurt Cobain does some weird guitar scraping and random noises here. So we're just going to bust it down to the core chords. Start with a clean guitar sound for the F#5 powerchord and then switch to distortion (with footswitch) and strum like mad across all the strings. Repeat.

Solo - Well, its a sort of solo. Kurt loved doing weird solos. The good news is that it's not too hard to learn.

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