Down with the Sickness

Animated Down with the Sickness tab by Disturbed on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This song is in Drop Db tuning. In other words, tune all your strings down by 1 note, except the low E string, tune that down by 3 to get Low Db Ab Db Gb Bb Eb. Don't downtune your guitar too much, as this can affect the neck tension badly. Also, once you downtune - give the strings time to settle and then retune. They will probably need a few retunes to get settled to the slacker tension of Drop Db.

The rhythm is very tight and chunky (making the most of those lovely one-finger powerchords that drop tunings give). The song is not too difficult to do slowly, but a lot harder to get right fast. The harmonics are very tricky in particular. They are definitely the hardest parts of the tune to get right. A lot of the rest of the song will just take a bit of practice to get up to speed.

Song Riffs:


Part 1

Part 2 - Very easy but watch out for this bit. Play the barre at fret 3 then quickly play 2 natural harmonics.

Part 3 - Again, watch out for the harmonics.

Part 4 - More harmonics here.

Repeat the last 4 song parts again, then hit part 5:

Part 5 - The muting is done whilst moving between notice / chords. In the ActionTab the muting dots are shown at the frets of the last chord that was just played because it's MUCH easier to view than a muting dot that whizzes between chords! Just remember to mute the strings as you slide between chords and strike a quick down / upstroke. That's the only way to do the guitar part for the song at full speed!

Outro 1

Outro 2 - Notice that the outro riff is very similar to the earlier chorus riffs - except that it is all played 2 frets higher and no muting or hammer ons are used. So be careful with your picking!

One last word about this song - switching between the riffs will take work. For the most part the riffs are pretty easy to play once you know them (except for the harmonics), but switching between riffs at full speed will take more work than the individual riffs!

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