Don't Fear The Reaper

Animated Don't Fear The Reaper tab by Blue Oyster Cult on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

A very haunting song, and often used in horror flicks / spooky edits. The opening chord sequence is quick, but simple enough to get with practice.

Intro / Verse:

Quickly cycle through simple A, G, and F variations. It is important to keep those open strings sounding as you change between chords!) Go slow before building speed and you'll get it. The chord changes aren't actually that difficult once you get used to them.


The chord strums behind the chorus are simple E shape powerchords cycling mostly between the F5 (fret 1) G5 (fret 3) and A5 (fret 5) chords, although there is a drop to open E and E5.

That's 80% of the song. Just repeat these Verse / Chorus segments as required through the song.


The interlude is easy - end the last song segment on the A7. Then just pick across the chords on the top 3 strings as shown in the ActionTab. Note that the first chord (F minor) is picked through 5 times and the 2nd chord (G7) is picked through 6 times before doing the whole thing again (there's a lot of repetition in this song).

After that it's back to the Verse / Chorus parts again until the end.

The lead guitar licks during the start of the song are included here at the end of the ActionTab. They are magic to play, and you will need a good lead sound (light distortion and reverb) to work over the top of the cleaner rhythm guitar parts.

Have fun and don't fear the reaper. Fear the grim strimmer.

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