Dancing for Rain (Backing)

Animated Dancing for Rain (Backing) tab by Rise Against on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

Here we look at the backing guitar for the song. It's easier than the main guitar - mainly involving pure powerchord progressions. It's in Eb tuning, so if you are in standard tuning, you need to tune each string down by 1 note:

Eb Tuning - Low E : Ab : Db : Gb : Bb : Eb

Pre-Verse - The backing guitar comes in on the pre-verse (after the main guitar plays the intro). It's very similar to the short powerchord riff played by the main guitar, except it has no octave chords at the start. Instead, start with the Low Eb powerchord.

Verse - Just hold the Low Eb powerchord for a long time (In the song, the singing starts here). Switch to the Chorus after ending on this Db5 chord (we're tuned down so it's technically a Db5 chord rather than a D5).

Chorus - This main guitar plays a melody here, meanwhile the backing guitar powers out this simple repeating powerchord sequence. You can use alternate strums (down / up / down / up) instead of downstrokes if you prefer. However using just downstrums gives a little more beef to the sound.

After the chorus, just repeat all the same song segments again until after the interlude. We've taken out the middle of the interlude, as only the main guitar plays anything.

Interlude - Part 2 - Straight after the clean guitar, the backing guitar joins in to play this repeating 5-chord sequence. This is the build up to the bridge...

Bridge - Now switch to all downstrokes. The trick here is to palm mute the lower 2 strings all the time, but switch to open stabs for the full chords. This is played in the same way as the main guitar, except different chords are used, and you don't need to mute the middle string.

Outro - This simple powerchord progression is also played by the main guitar. It's short and repetitive, and you can use all downstrokes (like we show here). It appears after the very last chorus melody and ends the song.

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