Custard Pie

Animated Custard Pie tab by Led Zeppelin on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This fun little song is fast, but easy. As always, the speed comes with practice, so don't be put off by the fast picking - just give it regular effort, and it should come quickly enough.

The main riff repeats throughout the song, and is based in A. There are a few simple chord changes - nothing difficult, but the changes are fast and the timing's tight.

We've also included the solo in this ActionTab. It is played over the main riff, which you'll know by the time the solo appears.

The main riff repeats a lot, right from the start. The low A string is constantly picked as we add notes to the adjacent string. It starts with picking the low A string and adjacent E note 3 times.

Add your 3rd finger to add the F# - pick 3 times.

Add your 4th finger to get the G - just pick once.

Use alternate picking for speed (constant down / up strokes).

As soon as you've played the G note, kill the strings with your strumming hand / fretboard hand or both hands to get a dead stop.

Then just play the A5 chord, flick in the G note in the bass with an upstroke (mute out the A5 notes with your fretboard fingers as you do this), and instantly back to the A5 (downstroke). End with a dead stop again (mute the strings with either or both hands).

And that's the main riff! Just practice the riff slowly at first, break it up into chunks if you need to, and then build up the speed once you've got it down slowly. This riff is the backbone of the tune, and continues until we reach the descending powerchords:

D5 (hold)
D5 - Db5 - C5 (hold)
C5 - B5 - Bb5 (hold)

Return to main riff again (play through twice) until this E major chord strike, followed by the G7sus4 chord.

End with a good old F5 to G5, and that's everything you need to know for the rhythm guitar in this song - just rinse and repeat!

Unlike the rhythm guitar, the solo part is not for new beginners...the double bends at start aren't too hard, but it gets pretty fast and tricky soon afterwards. Jimmy uses a wah-wah pedal throughout to get those swells in his solo, but we've played it without to keep the notes easier to follow.

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