Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Main)

Animated Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Main) tab by Queen on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This rockabilly style song was written by Freddie Mercury, who also played the acoustic guitar himself for the recording. The guitar for this song is mainly just following these chord progressions:


D major / D sus4 (just add and then take away your little finger from the G note on fret 3)

Main Verse & Choruses:

D major (stop adding the G note) - G major - C major - G major (partial chord) - This sequence of chords repeats, with a little variation in strumming. End the verse cycle with Bb major - C major - D major then a short gap of playing nothing before repeating again.

Second Part:

This isn't really a Chorus, more of a change in direction. The Chords are:

G major - little lick - C major - G major - Bb major - E major - A major - F major -
This is followed by a few descending licks then return to the main verse / choruses again.

Third Part:

This is a similar structure to the second part, but with a different set of chords. The main solo comes in here.

Bb major - D major - G major - D major - Bb major - E major - A major - F (no 5th) - Followed by this descending lick - E major - A major - There is a gap after here where it's just clicking fingers and singing. We just skip to where the guitar comes in next. After that it's all just repeating the above chord progressions again.

Have fun!

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