Crazy Crazy Nights (Rhythm)

Animated Crazy Crazy Nights (Rhythm) tab by KISS on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This is the main rhythm guitar for Crazy Crazy Nights. This song is based around some good ol' Rock n Roll riffs and chord progressions. The song starts with a catchy D major riff here.

Notice that the 1st and 3rd fingers fret across the strings, but only apply pressure to the notes on the middle strings. In other words, mute the unwanted high strings with your 1st or 3rd fingers (or both as we show here) whilst still applying pressure on the middle strings at the same time.

Keep your pick close to the strings to help you control your chord strums, thereby avoiding accidentally striking the unwanted strings. However, if you do overstrum, muting them will cause the unwanted strings to be drowned out. Also if your pick is close to the strings for this part, you can accurately strike from the A string easier - meaning you don't have to thumb-mute the Low E string.

The muting isn't too hard to do because your fingers are already in place along the 10th and 12th frets, and in fact, is easier than fully fretting across all the strings because you only need to apply pressure to notes on the middle strings, not the high string.

Strum the D5 chord, then switch between the Dsus4 (using your little finger) and full D major by removing your little finger quickly and striking all 4 middle strings. Use brisk strikes, but keep the pick close to the strings so you can control which strings to play and omit easier.

Beyond this part, the rest is fairly straightforward powerchords. However, beware this chord change. This chord is just like a standard B5 powerchord except the 5th note is raised by 1 fret / semitone. We call that 'augmenting' the 5th. So its not a standard B5 (powerchord) - It's technically a B augmented 5th.

The important thing is that you need to stretch your 1st and 3rd fingers to play this chord. It won't be an easy stretch for some people. If you are really stuck, then use your 1st and 4th fingers instead of 1st and 3rd. However, it makes sense to do it the way we show here for speed. That's because the previous C 5 powerchord is played using the 1st and 3rd fingers, so to get the B augmented 5th chord you need only lower your 1st finger by a fret (keeping your 3rd finger where it is on the 10th fret). This makes for a smoother and faster chord change if you can do it!

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