Country 2 Bassline

Animated Country 2 Bassline tab by ActionTab on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This ActionTab is from the Jamzone. Here we are specifically looking at the bassline in our basic country tune.

Alternating basslines are a Country Guitar foundation. We've made it very obvious in this tune so you get the idea. When you listen to the tune you can hear the bassline consistently alternating between 2 notes per chord (most of the time).

What we've done here is add a second guitar to emphasise the bassline and add a little extra country spice to it. You can hear both guitars play together in the normal speed audio. However in the ActionTab we've taken out the other guitar so you can hear this bassline played more clearly. This guitar uses a pick (because a pick gives a little extra bite to the notes).

With this guitar part there are no chords, so it's simpler to do. It doesn't exactly copy the bass notes that the main guitar plays. Notice that before each chord change a little melody is played:

C major melody

A minor melody

G major melody

You don't have to do these little melodies, but they help spice up the bassline. They also cue the listener know that a chord change is about to happen. This technique is very common in Country music, so is worth knowing about!

Notice that the alternating notes here are muted briefly before moving to the next note. You don't need to do this, but it just adds a little punch to the next note when it comes in after a brief gap. To mute open strings just use your second finger as shown here. Be careful to just touch the string, don't push down too hard or you'll end up playing a hammer on!

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