Country 2 Backing

Animated Country 2 Backing tab by ActionTab on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This ActionTab is from the Jamzone. This is a simple country backing tune for beginners. Uses Fingerpicking, but you can use a pick if you prefer. We are just using 4 common country chords:

C major - A minor are the 2 main chords. Just keep switching between these chord shapes, always alternating between thumb and fingers to get that strong alternating bassline.

There is a turnaround using the F major - G major chords. A turnaround is just a short section of music that ends one section of a song and links to the next section. In this case, the next section of the song is the same as the previous (C major and A minor again).

Here are some important things to understand from this ActionTab:

1. Alternating Bassline

Notice the alternating bassline. When you listen to the tune you can hear the bassline consistently alternating between 2 notes. As the chord changes, so does the bassline.

Alternating basslines are a Country Guitar foundation. We've made it very obvious in this tune so you get the idea. However, to be sure you get it, we've made a separate ActionTab showing you the bassline all by itself.

2. 'Country' C major chord

Many chords naturally contain notes that provide good alternate bass notes to play between. However we want to draw your attention to the C major chord used in this ActionTab. Some call it the Country C Major chord. That's because in country music, most guitarists like to play C major with a G note included on the Low E string.

The 'Country' C major chord is just a standard C major chord with a G note added on the Low E string. This does mean different fingerings are needed, but provides a fuller chord when strummed. It also allows alternate basslines to be played more easily from within the same chord shape. C and G work well as alternating bass notes.

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