Animated Come Find Yourself tab by Fun Lovin Criminals on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

Here is the guitar for the title track off the Come Find Yourself album. Like many FLC songs, it is comprised of just a few straightforward riffs. The band tend to play songs based on 'groove'. That means a consistent beat, bassline and flow. This is good stuff to practice along with. It helps guitarists get better at timing, and at the same time can help with getting into the feel of a song better.

There are only 3 riffs to the whole song (2 if you exclude the rhythm guitar):

Mellow Riff - Repeat this short riff over and over. It uses just 4 notes, but you need to develop your technique to play them correctly because there are bends and pull offs used.

Rocky Riff - This is a short, sharp riff. Play 2 notes, strike the Ab major chord, then do 2 muted strikes. Repeat.

He uses an FX footpedal to switch to a rocky guitar sound here, and uses a wah-wah pedal for this riff. You don't need it, but it helps to know how the sound effect is achieved. Push forward on the wah pedal as you strike the Ab chord to give it 'swell' then pull back on it for the rest. Repeat.

Backing Chords - Behind the mellow riff this acoustic guitar plays between the Ab major and F major chords.

Notice that thumb-muting is used often in the song. Particularly during chord strikes. You don't need to do this, however it does help eliminate string noise by helping you control the strings (by muting them).

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