Coma (Part 3) Izzy

Animated Coma (Part 3) Izzy tab by Guns N' Roses on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This is the final section of the song. Basically, it is just more of the same riffs from Part 1 extended out towards the end. Slash does another solo during the second half of this section of the song. Meanwhile, Izzy keeps on rocking out the rhythm guitar riffs.

Here we see Izzy's Rhythm Guitar play out to the end of the song. If you are into learning Slash's solo stuff then check out this ActionTab instead.

Tuning - Low Eb : Ab : Gb : Db : Bb : Eb

There's nothing new to the first half of this section. It's the same style of Main and Verse riffs encountered before (in Part 1). Although, for the verse both guitars use a lot of flanger effect. We didn't use any flanger here, but if you have it - go for it.

Izzy and Slash play the same riffs until the outro solo begins. At this point Slash does his lead thing. Meanwhile Izzy plays the powerchord progressions seen in this ActionTab. The structure of the chord progressions is much the same, just repeated a lot. If you can already play Part 1, then this will be no problem. It may be long, but it's straightforward stuff!

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