Coma (Part 2) Slash

Animated Coma (Part 2) Slash tab by Guns N' Roses on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

Part 2 is the Mid-section of the song. This part begins with a mellow interlude and builds into another Rocktastic solo from Slash. A lot of the stuff here is difficult to play, so Switch to Izzy's Rhythm ActionTab if you are a new beginner. It's much simpler. Just bear in mind that Izzy doesn't play anything during the interlude (the start of this ActionTab).

We're in Eb Tuning, true to the song:

Low Eb : Ab : Db : Gb : Bb : Eb

Interlude - Slash switches to a clean guitar sound for this mellow part of the song. Some of the bends he uses are pre-bends. Use your ear to guide you. Pre-bends are where you bend the string before picking it, then pick it and return the string to its normal position. That way you only get the 'down' side of the bend, and skip the 'up' that precedes it with normal bends.

Bridge - Turn the distortion back on. This part of the song is how Slash builds up back into the main riff (which you'll know by now, from Part 1).

Solo - After the main riff, Slash launches into his solo. It's a great solo, but not for beginners. That said, there are many easy licks still dotted throughout his solo. These can be well worth learning if you feel like adapting them into your own stuff.

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