Cold (Drop D)

Animated Cold (Drop D) tab by Static-X on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

The original song is in Drop C Tuning (Low C G C F A D). However, we've made this ActionTab in Drop D so that you only have to downtune one string from standard tuning. Just down tune your low E string 2 notes to D, and that's Drop D (Low D A D G B E). Use the ActionTab Tuner in the Help section to retune quickly.

This ActionTab is still true to the original, just everything is 2 notes higher. If you want to learn this song in the original Drop C tuning then you can go to that ActionTab instead (careful tuning too low, you can upset guitars without making the right adjustments).

The song itself is very straightforward. Pound out the Low D and A strings according to the rhythm you can hear and see in the ActionTab. This is an open D5 powerchord in Drop D tuning. Nice.

The tricky part is muting inbetween strikes (making the little pauses you can hear inbetween strikes). Keep your hand on the guitar neck with your 3rd finger hovering over the 4th fret (place your 1st finger on the 2nd fret of the middle D string to keep steady if you wish). From that position you can quickly drop your 3rd finger down to touch / mute the strings. This will give that nice punchy rhythm effect.

The rhythm is very repetitive, once you can do the first bar, you'll be able to keep repeating it and will know over half the song!

The chorus is also straightforward. Use A5 shape barre chords to cycle through this progression:

D5 - D5 F5 D5 - G#5 - G5 - C5

D5 - D5 F5 D5 - G#5 - G5 - G5

Repeat again, except the next time instead of playing the last chord strike Bb5 and slide down, back to the open D5 chord.

And that's the song! Just rinse and repeat.

It will take practice to get up to speed, but this is a great song for developing just that. The chords use the same barre shape, allowing you to concentrate more on getting fast positional changes with your fretboard hand. Also, the rhythm / muting during the verses is simple stuff, even with the muting, just work it out slowly and then practice on getting faster.

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