Clint Eastwood

Animated Clint Eastwood tab by Gorillaz on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This is a real easy tune, very suitable for new beginners. Also, if you are afraid of fingerpicking, this is a nice song to help you get started.

There are only 2 chords in the song: E minor (mostly), and F major (occasionally).

Let's deal with the E minor chord first as it is the main part for the song. The chord isn't strummed, instead we use the thumb to pick a simple bassline of 2 notes - the Low E and the B notes. Meanwhile your 1st, 2nd and 3rd fingers pluck the three highest strings. Twice after the Low E note, and just once after the B note. For the E minor chord this is really easy - just pluck the top 3 open strings together.

Practice just this part over and over until you get nice clear chords and can play it quickly and comfortably. Only then should you start practicing the F major chord as it is a little trickier.

The F major chord is only used occasionally (typically at the end of every 4th E minor segment). It is quite a fast chord change. So, as you pluck the C note with your thumb, quickly move your other fingers into place to play the F major notes (again, these are just on the 3 highest strings). This change will take practice, but stick at it and you'll get it.

Remember, when practicing, you are mainly developing finger strength and co-ordination. These do take some effort to build. Beginners - Don't give up! It is a case of perseverance. Once you begin to crack the basics (smoother chord changes, holding notes firmly enough and plucking at the right time with your other hand), then everything else will start becoming easier too. Remember to work through the Core Skills and do the exercises. These will help you develop much faster!

The song is Actually recorded in a slightly different tuning (Low Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb), which is just like standard tuning except everything is tuned down by 1 fret. We've kept it in standard tuning (Low E A D G B E) here for ease.

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