Classical Gas

Animated Classical Gas tab by Mason Williams on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

An amazing song that is much simpler to learn that you may think but will take a long time to master.

This actiontab only shows one way of playing the song but there are many different finger positions that could be used as well as all the subtle accents on notes that you can add to make this song your own rather than just another sterile rendition. Have a tinker and see what you can come up with!

As well as different note positions, you can also use different fingers
to play some of the more awkward parts. For example, you can use your 4th finger to play the G bass notes along the low E string (e.g. 1st time the G note appears)- it all depends on what is most practical for you.

This tune isn't as hard as it looks although your fingers seem to be all over the place at first glance. Section by section, just get all the
finger motions down slowly at first and build up speed at your pace. If there are any differences between what you hear in the accompanied recording and what is on the actiontab, always follow the actiontab!

The quick barring can be made easier by remembering you only need to press some of the strings down and not all. The ones you don't need to press are marked as dots with a "M" on them for muted.

If you are really having problems, try getting the left hand motions
down first and then the right hand before bringing them together.


Credit goes to Vinsta for making this ActionTab.

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