Cat's in the Cradle (Main)

Animated Cat's in the Cradle (Main) tab by Ugly Kid Joe on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

Ugly Kid Joe do a great cover version of Harry Chapin's classic song Cat's in the Cradle. Here we look at the main guitar for the song.

In their version they use a 12 string guitar and tune to Eb. We're keeping it straightforward and using a 6 string acoustic in standard E tuning.

Intro - Just strum this full E5 chord and hold it (twice). Meanwhile a second guitar plays a little fill. You can view the fill in this ActionTab. After the chord strums, play a small melody then get stuck into the verse chords...

Verse - The verse chord sequence is as follows:

E5 - G5 / sus2 - A sus2 - E major / sus4 (repeat)

Then play this descending lick. This the trickiest part of the song because you need to use your thumb to play the last few notes of the descending scale notes. End with strumming E major / sus4.

Chorus - The chords are similar to the verse:

E5 - D major / sus4 - G5 - A major / sus4 - E5 - D major / sus4 - descending lick

This basic structure will get you through all the main song parts. There are occasional variations, but once you know these parts you'll find your way no problem. Extra song parts include:

Bridge - This is where the electric guitar joins in for a short while. We've removed it from the audio here to keep things simple, and will show it separately. The chords are just:

E major - C major - D major - B minor - E major (repeat)

Ending - Just the same sequence of chords as the chorus, rocked up a bit. The electric guitar kicks in again for this climax. We'll look at that electric guitar in a separate ActionTab.

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