Animated Can't Stop tab by Red Hot Chili Peppers on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This song is played in that funky-muting style loved so much by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. The song is only a handful of riffs and the solo is easy. However, the verse riff can be tricky, so if you are new to funk style, check out the Core Skills section on muting techniques. You need to be familiar with string control via muting, and have a basic understanding of how to omit notes to get the right effect.

Intro - Just play between the D (1st finger) and E (3rd finger) notes. Use vibrato on the E note often. Rinse and repeat.

Verse - As mentioned above, although this riff sounds easy you need to know your funk basics to be able to play it properly. The trick here is to mute any strings you don't want sounding. It's all about string control. It helps to 'clamp' your hand around the back of the guitar neck so that you can thumb-mute effectively. This also causes your fingers to approach the strings at a shallow angle, perfect for muting strings.

You need to fret notes and mute at the same time. This takes practice, so work through the funk basics in the Core Skills section to develop your skills...lots.

Remember that you can strum freely if you mute across the strings properly. You don't have to be completely precise and only strum 2 strings. As long as you have your fingers in the correct position (lightly resting across) all the strings will be muted. We don't show the top 2 strings muted because there is no need - they automatically will be muted if you hold your hand at a shallow angle.

Chorus - This part is much more straightforward. The chord progression is:

G6 - D major - B minor - C maj13 (repeat)

Ska Stumming - This part comes before the solo. It involves ska strumming through a few chords. The trick to ska strumming is to mute on the first beat, and strike the chord on the 'upbeat'. This gives it an 'off-beat' feel.

F# minor - D major - Bm7 - B minor - Bm7 - B minor - C maj7

Repeat this again, albeit with this one C maj7 added at the end of the first F# minor chord next time round.

2nd Guitar - A second guitar plays these repeating triads over the top of the ska rhythm.

Solo - Kick in full distortion, and go for it. As far as solos go, this is easy.

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