Animated Californication tab by Red Hot Chili Peppers on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This well known song by the Red Hot Chili Peppers is fairly straightforward to play - a good song for those beginning to get the hang of chord changes.

The song starts with picking out around an A minor chord and an F major chord. This repeats quite a few times then you need to pick through a C major, G major, F powerchord, D minor (strum the last part of this chord). Return to the A minor chord and F7 chord and repeat the whole thing again. Once you have strummed the D minor chord again for the second time it's time to follow the strumming sequence.

The strumming follows a very similar chord sequence as before:

A minor - F major 7 (repeat)
C major - G7 chord - D minor - A minor
C major - G7 chord - D minor (hold this chord then repeat the picking part described earlier)

Notice that it's best to use the thumb to mute the low strings from the top of the fretboard whilst strumming. You don't have to use your thumb to mute, but it makes sense to do so. Then you get the easiest switch between the A minor and F major 7 chords, whilst not strumming unwanted strings.

Pay attention to the strumming and chords during the second strumming part. It is essentially the same, just some chords are extended and strummed slightly differently as the song builds up towards the solo.

The solo uses an F# natural minor scale. Because the rest of the song was largely using F major and A minor, the slight shift (F major to F# minor) gives the solo a distinct shift from the previous parts of the song. It's a great solo for beginners to learn. It's not too fast, but has a good melodic structure.

Remember to break the song up into chunks to learn it. Start by getting each chunk right, with smooth chord changes before working on the next part and putting them all together. As always, get it right slower, then work on building speed!

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