CAGED scale 1 - C major

Animated CAGED scale 1 - C major tab by ActionTab on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This exercise is from the Theory Section on the CAGED system.

Now you've practiced your CAGED major scales, let's use them in order to play C major scales from top to tail - all along the fretboard!

Here we use each of the CAGED scales in sequence to take us from the open position to the 13th fret. Chords are played between scale patterns to help you identify each part in the CAGED sequence. These are the same chord shapes and scale patterns you practiced previously - just used in different places on the fretboard:

C major chord shape and scale pattern

A major chord shape and scale pattern

G major chord shape and scale pattern

E major chord shape and scale pattern

D major chord shape and scale pattern

Notice that each one gives us the C major chord / scale. And if we were to use another C shape at fret 12, the whole CAGED sequence would repeat again up the neck (if you have a 24 fret guitar, that's handy to know!).

That is the beauty of this system. Just 5 chords / scales can get us from one end of the fretboard to the other. You don't even really need to learn the note names in fact (but we recommend it - especially the root note).

The joy doesn't stop there. Once you know these 5 scales and the CAGED sequence, you can apply them from any root note to get any major scale! Ever wonder how people can just fly around the fretboard doing mad solos so easily? There's good odds on them having practiced this system.

Play this CAGED system through. Go back to the previous scales if you are lost. Make sure your fingers know these 5 CAGED scales before moving on!

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