CAGED - E minor Solo

Animated CAGED - E minor Solo tab by ActionTab on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This is from the Theory Section where we are looking at using the CAGED system with minor scales.

Here we use the CAGED patterns to solo in the Key of E minor.

The backing chords are in the Key of E minor, which is to say that all the chords come from the same underlying scale:

E - F# - G - A - B - C - D - E

With the CAGED system, we can take that single key scale, and play it all over the fretboard. This means that you can solo securely in the knowledge that the notes you choose will work over the backing music. VERY useful for soloing on the fly! All you need to know is the key of the backing chords.

So make sure you've learned your CAGED E minor scale patterns. Not only will this help you identify what is happening in this Solo example, but you'll need it to practice with your own solos!

Instead of just playing through scales, you must learn to use the scales to make melodies. That means using different note combinations, adding different techniques, and shifting between the CAGED positions. Refer to the various Scale Games in the Jamzone if you need ideas on creating melodies from scales.

Here we do all of the above to show you an example. Listen to the Normal Speed Audio looped until you get a feel for the melodies, then watch the ActionTab to see how we've used the CAGED scales.

Here's a walkthrough...

Start in the Low E pattern position and solo there for a while. Then move through the following scale positions:

A pattern - C pattern - E pattern (octave) - G pattern - E pattern - A pattern - D pattern - E pattern - A pattern - G pattern - A pattern

Notice that at each position there is a melody of some kind (even if it's just holding 1 note for a while). Also see how different techniques like palm muting, bends, slides, vibrato etc add new dimensions to the melodies. The whammy bar was used twice - here and here.

Use the Backing ActionTab to try out your own melodies. Don't worry if they aren't as fast or fluid as ours yet - that comes the more you do it. Solo with the CAGED system and make use of the freedom it gives you to play all the way along the fretboard. Swap between any CAGED position you fancy and experiment (NB if you are using bends a lot, some will work better than others because you may be bending to a note that's out of key).

Later we'll look at diversifying and creating more interesting melodies rather than using the same key scale throughout. For now, focus on this kind of exercise. At this stage it is more important that you become familiar with the CAGED patterns and making melodies with them.

For your reference here are the CAGED patterns for E minor:

E minor scales and the CAGED minor scales - E.

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