C7 (Dominant Seventh)

Animated C7 (Dominant Seventh) tab by ActionTab on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This example is from the Theory Section on Types of Seventh Chords.

The Dominant Seventh Chord

This is where a minor 7th (Bb) is added to a major triad.

For C this would give us the notes: C E G Bb

Intervals: 1st - 3rd - 5th - b7th (relative to major scale degrees)

This chord is the most common of the seventh chords and is usually just called a 'seventh' chord, and for C would is written as C7.

From the lowest to highest string we are playing the following combination of notes first time around:

C E Bb C E

This is a common way to play the chord, but it means omitting the G note, so let's use an A shape Barre chord to get all the notes:

C G Bb E G

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