Brown Sugar (Guitar 2)

Animated Brown Sugar (Guitar 2) tab by The Rolling Stones on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

Here we see the second guitar in Brown Sugar. Learn Guitar 1 first, and this one will be easier to follow. It's the same basic progressions, but with more frilly bits. The most significant difference is the classic rock n' roll style riff Keith Richards uses in the verses (see below).

Most of the song uses partial chords, so feel free to thumb-mute if you need to eliminate unwanted string noise from the lower strings while you strum.

Intro - Just play this intro lick while Guitar 1 does the chords.

Interlude - Similar to Guitar 1. The basic chord progression is simple, however he adds/removes fingers which alters the names of the chords, so don't be put off by that:

Eb major

C major - C sus4 - C major

Ab major - Db major - Ab major

Bb major - Eb major - Eb major

C major - C sus4 - C major


Verse - This is the part that contains the most differences to Guitar 1.

Start with this simple rock n'roll riff (in C). Then shift up to continue it at fret 10 (F). Back to C again then hit Bb major and slide up 2 frets to C major

Then alternate between this G major (chord / lick) and C major (repeat)

That's all the main riffs / song sections. The rest of the song is more of the same riffs repeated.

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