Brown Eyed Girl

Animated Brown Eyed Girl tab by Van Morrison on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

A nice easy strumming song in the Key of G Major from Van the Man. The intro is the hardest part, due to moving fingers between positions quickly. Just get it right slowly first, then build up the speed. After a while your fingers will find their own way automatically.

Just watch out for this part - click here. As you fret the D note on the G string with your 3rd finger, lower your 3rd finger a little to just touch / mute the adjacent B string. Not too much or you'll also mute the high E string. If you get it right you will be able to strum all 3 strings and the middle B string won't be heard. Alternatively, you can fingerpick the intro, in which case you don't need to mute!

After the intro the song is very straightforward. The same strumming pattern Down - Down / Up - Up / Down strums is repeated for each chord.

Just hold the first G major chord and repeatedly practice that strumming pattern until you can do it without skipping a beat. Once you can do that chord steadily, then start adding the rest. They'll be easier to do because you won't have to think about your strumming hand so much now!

The only song chords for this song are:

G major - C major - D7 - D major - E minor

You can thumb-mute any unwanted low strings if you wish - i.e. on the D chords use your thumb over the top edge of the fretboard to mute out the Low E and A strings. This means you can strum more freely. It's not necessary, but some people will find this technique easier to use. We've put in the thumb-muting dots for the last few chords of the outro to show you what we mean. Apply to all the chords if you wish...and Watch this Core Skills video on Muting if you are completely lost!

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