Born to be Wild (Lead)

Animated Born to be Wild (Lead) tab by Steppenwolf on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

The lead guitar for this song is easy. If you can play through the rhythm guitar, you can definitely play through the lead. Much of the lead guitar part is the same as the Rhythm, but there are some important differences highlighted below...

1. Here the lead merely backs up the licks played on rhythm guitar by playing a low E5 (powerchord). This is done throughout this little G maj - A maj - E5 section.

2. This time the lead starts playing different licks during the G maj - A maj - E5 section. These licks are short E pentatonic minor phrases (just the same as the rhythm guitar parts). However, the first lead lick happens over the G major - A major chords, playing up at the 12th / 14th frets. Then hit the Low E5 again. This is where the rhythm guitar lick takes over. Effectively the two guitars trade licks in turn. However, at the end of this G maj - A maj - E5 section both guitars play different licks over each other here.

3. Here the lead does some easy high notes applying vibrato.

4. Again the lead trades licks with the rhythm guitar. The lead starts the ball rolling once more in this G maj - A maj - E5 section with a lick down at the open E position this time. It ends this section by playing a high E lick at the 12th fret whilst the rhythm plays a different lick. Remember to use the first Low E during those little licks to manouvre your fretboard fingers into place for the proceeding notes higher up the fretboard.

5. Here the lead plays high again to outro. Nothing too difficult, just lots of high notes and some vibrato!

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