Animated Bombtrack (Lead) tab by Rage Against the Machine on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

The lead guitar in Bombtrack comes in towards the end of the song, during the interlude. It mostly involves bends / muting and notes from the F# minor scale, at frets 14-16. There are 2 separate lead parts, both of which are quite short:

Lead 1 - The trick here is to start with a palm-muted strike before playing the double bends. This gives an 'offbeat' feel to the bends. It also means the bends are best played with an upstroke.

If you find the 1st finger bend is too difficult, then just use the 3rd instead (playing it like this, but 2 frets lower). This will mean you have to keep moving up and down 2 frets with your hand as you switch between bends. This is fine because you can switch hand position while doing the palm-muted strikes between bends!

Lead 2 - Starts with typical blues-rock bends, then he uses his famous 'kill switch' whilst muting / palm muting. This is hard to replicate with a normal guitar setup. Instead, just mute the strings and pick across them (like we show), or move your hand up and down a couple of strings while palm muting. Basically, go crazy here muting / palm muting and try to get a little rhythmic tune out of your strings.

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