Blues Boogie 1

Animated Blues Boogie 1 tab by ActionTab on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

Here we play a boogie using the 12 bar blues format in E. For more about the 12 Bar Blues check out the links on the Jamzone Article related to this ActionTab.

Fast and fun, boogies are a great way to liven up those 12 Bar licks!
You probably recognise the style of music. Blues Boogies like this tick a lot of the right boxes, especially for beginners:

They are fun to play
They are quite easy on the fingers
There isn't much positional changing (you don't have to shoot up to fret 23 for 1 note or anything)
The 12 Bar format is very easy to follow once you know it!
They help you get the hang of faster (alternate) picking

Practice the E string lick first (build slowly until you get up to speed with it). Once you can play that the A string lick will be a doddle, because it's exactly the same riff, just on the next string. After those you'll find the B lick up to the E/B turnaround easier to get. Keep practicing until you can get at least close to the Normal Speed Audio.

Use alternate picking. The time is very regular - each note is played for the same duration throughout most of the boogie. This makes it perfect for using alternate down / up strokes on each note. If you stick at it, your overall picking speed will improve and that's an important step forward in learning to play faster and with more confidence!

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