Animated Billie Jean tab by Michael Jackson on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

The majority of this song is a handful of simple chord stabs. Use your first finger (mostly) for these stabs. Remember to mute the strings quickly after each stab. Thumb mute the lowest 3 strings if you wish.

For the verses cycle through these 4 chords:

F#m - G#m - A maj - G#m

End each segment by stabbing the B min a few times then repeat from the start.

The bridge and chorus is also straightforward. Play a D maj the way we show (it's not the typical way). This will enable you to reach the A and G# notes more easily. The other chords used are just F#m, A maj, D maj and C# maj.

That is the main rhythm guitar for the whole entity. We've also included the little funky fills that occur in the latter parts of the song. They are more tricky, but are essentially just a few repeating licks occurring in the following order:

Lick 1 - This one's easy - just repeatedly alternate pick the note whilst applying pressure / releasing pressure on the string with your finger. Do that to switch between notes (apply pressure) and muted notes (release pressure). Always play 1 fretted note and 2 muted notes (repeat). If lost, refer to the Core Skills section on the muting technique.

Lick 2 - Fast and more tricky. This will take practice. Sometimes the lick is doubled up like here.

Lick 3 - Similar to lick 2, but with a bend.

After Lick 3, play to the end of the song using Lick 2 and that's everything!

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