Bicycle Race (pt2)

Animated Bicycle Race (pt2) tab by Queen on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

The second half starts with the solo which is a bit of a weird one. Brian May uses multiple guitar layers here. We're going to show them all played in sequence, because it is possible to play them all this way. Although, you can pick and choose the parts you want to play if you prefer. Let's take a look:

Trills - Each of these trills (fast hammer / pull offs) is played on separate guitars in the song. However, you can just play the first one and keep it going until the next part of the solo begins.

Solo - Here he plays between 2 ascending scales. Both are part of the D major scale. But he starts from different notes, first the D note and then the A note.

He repeats this a few times and then starts shifting between different positions along the neck to carry on the solo. In the original recording he uses 2 guitars to alternate between these little scales in small chunks. But if you are quick you can play the lot on just one guitar like we show here.

He ends the solo with a series of bends. These are all played on separate guitars in the song. But we show them all here in case you wish to see what they all are.

After that, the rest of the song is easy. It's more of the same stuff seen in Part 1.

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