Bends 6

Animated Bends 6 tab by ActionTab on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This exercise is from the Core Skills section on Bends.

Here we use the same lick as before - shifted up to fret 10, and play it in a different way. If you can play the previous couple of ActionTabs then you'll find the focus here will be less about your fretboard hand and more about your picking hand. This is one of those infamous blues licks found almost everywhere, so well worth practicing. It's simple, short and so is an excellent 'quick practice' lick. Something you can keep chipping away at until your fingers just seem to automatically find their way.

It's important to pick using the pickstroke directions shown here. Doing so will give your picking a faster, smoother flow. Start with an upstroke on the bend, and alternate pick across the next 2 strings. This will mean you play the 3rd note with an upstroke. Now, continue with the pickstroke up in 1 fluid movement to play the bend again on the G string. Practice this until you get consistent with the lick.

The bends need to be played quickly, you should be picking the next note as the bend reaches its apex. The bend is a 'full' bend - i.e. bend up by 2 frets worth. As always, start practicing slowly and get it consistent before building speed.

The lick is using the D pentatonic minor scale, so will work well over a D minor chord in backing music. If you want to play this lick over any other minor chord, the root note (D in this case) is found on the high E string fretted by your 1st finger. So if you wanted to play the lick in E minor, just shift up by 2 frets (your 1st finger will be fretting the E note at fret 12). For C minor, move your 1st finger to fret 8 on the C note, and so on.

This way you can use one note from this lick as your mental 'anchor'. If you know the lick will work great over any minor chord, then you don't need to think about all the note names. You just need to know the root note of the backing chord and find it on the high E string. Apply lick. Look cool :)

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