Beginner Chord Slide 1

Animated Beginner Chord Slide 1 tab by ActionTab on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This exercise is from the Core Skills section on Slides.

Now you're more familiar with sliding, and how it looks in ActionTabs (not exactly difficult eh?) - We can start looking at more fun stuff.

So you can slide notes, but can you slide chords? This example is for those wishing to get more familiar with just that. It involves holding a fairly simple chord shape and sliding it up and down 2 frets. The 2 chords are C# diminished and D# diminished. Don't worry about the chord names for now, and let's just concentrate on technique.

Simply strum the C# dim chord then slide it upwards by 2 frets as shown. Keep holding the notes of the (now) D# dim chord once you have reached it. Let it sound out before strumming it again and sliding back down to the C# dim chord again.

Keep careful control of your fingers on the strings as you slide them. Sliding one note is not as difficult as sliding 3 together. Beginners will need practice - remember to keep the strings held firmly down on the strings as you slide. Just as important is to keep the same pressure on the strings with your fingers once you reach the end of the slide. Do it correctly and each note will keep sounding out without accidental muting, fretbuzz or other problems.

Practice, and you'll soon be flying around the fretboard faster than somebody dipped into a vat of grease and hurled across a glacier.

Release the polar bears!

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