Bawitdaba (Rhythm)

Animated Bawitdaba (Rhythm) tab by Kid Rock on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

A fun tune to play, full of nice solid riffs. There are 2 guitar parts. This ActionTab deals with the main rhythm guitar. In the next ActionTab we'll look at the main lead parts. For most of the song, the guitars play the same riffs. Also, in the song there are often wah / flanger and other effects applied to the guitar. We still show the precise rhythm guitar riffs, just leaving out the effects - that way it's easier to follow, but still true to what's being played.

The intro is pretty straightforward - pick the double E notes 16 times (down / up alternate strokes), then same again for the E / Bb notes. Repeat.

After that it's into the first main riff. Palm mute the full Low E5 chord twice, then a small pause before the palm muted upstroke on the Low E. Open Strike the G5 chord. Repeat 2 more times, then palm mute the F5 chord 8 times.

Repeat the riff again, except the next time play the F5 chord with open upstrums on each 2nd beat.

Then play the whole thing again until the next section of the song (which is nice and easy). Just hit the Low E and do a hammer on / pull off combo up on the 5 / 7th frets on the A string. Once again with the Low E (picked a few times), then a double hammer on on the G / A notes. Then once again with the Low E a few times, ending on an 5 / 7th fret hammer on.

After the gap, the last riff section is repeated again for the verses. This is where the lead also kicks in with a different riff that we'll look at in the next ActionTab. However, there is one important difference during this section. The rhythm guitar plays a small pentatonic lick here, and again here. The first time it sounds different because the lead guitar plays a similar lick over the top, an octave higher.

The next riff appears here. Back to chugging out the Low E5 powerchords. There are 3 things worth noting about this riff. Firstly, that the strings are muted in between chord stabs by quickly touching the 2nd (or 3rd...whichever you prefer) fingers onto the strings to kill the chords - e.g. here.

Secondly, if you find the strumming directions very difficult - then just use downstrokes for all the stabs. This will help you get the rhythm ingrained in your head more easily. You can always change the pickstrokes later once you have it down with just downstrokes. The riff is at a pace where either method is fine. However, if it was much faster, upstrokes would become necessary.

Thirdly, notice the bend on the G note. It is pretty straightforward, but worth pointing out...just pick the note, bend it up, return it back slightly and then bend up again. This is a nice little rhythm guitar technique - very popular in nu metal / rap metal riffs.

This riff is repeated quite a lot. Also, the guitar effects are laid on - plenty of wah and flanger stuff kicks in after a few repetitions of this riff. As we said earlier. We show what's being played, but lay off the effects. If you have a flanger pedal, here's where to kick it into life. Punch in after the 2nd time the riff appears.

From this riff to the outro you should be able to rock quite happily. The riffs are straightforward and if you can play through up to this point, the ending will be easy to quickly learn!

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