Bawitdaba (Lead)

Animated Bawitdaba (Lead) tab by Kid Rock on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

We looked at the Rhythm guitar in the Last ActionTab, in this one we'll look at the Lead guitar. The lead plays the same as the rhythm guitar except during some of the song verses.

For the verses the lead plays Octaves (aka octave chords) - in much the same way as playing a powerchord, except the middle string is muted throughout the sequence. This leaves only the octave notes (although you still strike the muted string inbetween, it is effectively drowned out by the louder octave notes either side).

The octave chord sequence during the verses starts with hitting the Low E and preparing your fingers for the following sequence:

E - slide down to - D - slide up to - G - slide up to - Bb (apply vibrato - also some wah-wah effects are used here in the song, we've left them out). Slide your fretboard hand back down to fret 7, then hit the Low E string before ending on a final E octave chord.

Throughout the song, this is how the verses are played. However, twice there is also a little pentatonic lick played (in the same places we looked at in the previous ActionTab).

The first pentatonic lick is played with your first finger around fret 7. This lick is actually played over the lick that the rhythm guitar plays. The notes are the same, just 1 octave higher.

The next lick appears soon afterwards, and is the same lick as the rhythm guitar - played down at the open position. So both guitars play the same thing here.

Apart from that, the both guitars are the same, except that towards the end of the song, the lead starts doing a lot of weird string scrapes and screams etc with various effects. We avoided putting that in, as we like our guitars too much, plus it's impossible to know exactly what was being done here. Possibly kittens were used as plectrums during this part of the song. That's our guess.

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