Babe I'm Gonna Leave You

Animated Babe I'm Gonna Leave You tab by Led Zeppelin on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

Yet another classic from the Zep. This guitar in this song is classical in nature. Jimmy Page fingerpicks through a lovely chord progression using a T123 pattern. Refer to the section on Fingerpicking in the Core Skills if lost.

As for the chords - the fingering can be difficult in places, but stick at it and it will come. Remember that the progressions are essentially the same sequence of chords, played with slight variations each time through.

Verses (T123):

A minor - A minor - G6th - Gsus4 6th - D major - D7 - F major - E major (repeat)

As mentioned, there are slight variations around these chords through the song. Also, there are places where using the thumb to play bass notes is easier than the first finger - such as the F major chord. However, use your first finger if the thumb is too difficult.

There is a little turnaround towards the end of the verse, just keep switching between these chords a few times:

D minor - F major - E7 - E major

Play the Main verse progression once more through then time for strumming riff 1:

A minor - A7 - Dm add9 (repeat)

Just repeat the whole lot again to get to the interlude, which has the following sections:

Fingerpicked: Asus2 - A7 - Dsus4 - D minor (repeat, with slight variation on the first chord)

Strummed: These strummed chords are similar to the fingerpicked verse chords (which you already know), so should come easier:

A minor - C major (G in bass) - D7 - F major - E major

repeat that a few times then switch between F major - E major a few times before playing strumming riff 1 again.

This is all enough to get through the main sections of the song. Just be aware that there are some chord variations later in the verses.

Always remember that with Long ActionTabs, you should use the Bookmark feature to help you work through.

Next we'll look at the lead parts for this song.

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