Baba O'Riley (Teenage Wasteland)

Animated Baba O'Riley (Teenage Wasteland) tab by The Who on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

Although the proper name of this song is Baba O'Riley, many folks know it as Teenage Wasteland as well. It's a very well known song by The Who. A version is currently used as the Theme music for the CSI TV shows.

Most of the main rhythm guitar parts are very simple. Just cycling through 3 chords. Perfect stuff for beginners to practice getting chord changes on time. Here are the 3 chords used in the rhythm riffs:

F5 - C major - Bb Major

Rhythm sections:

Main - There are occasional variations on these basic chords, but nothing too difficult. Most of the variation is in the strums. Play out the ActionTab and you'll see that those 3 basic chords will get you safely through.

Middle - Shorter. Notice a fuller F major chord is played here, rather than the F5 powerchord (although either will do).

End - Although this is just 2 powerchords (Bb5 and F5), the switch between chords is fast. At the very end, stay on the Bb5 then switch to alternating strums to double up the strumming speed.

Lead sections:

As far as lead playing goes, the lead guitar parts for the song are also quite easy. But like all lead, you'll need to practice each part slowly and build speed last. You need to be able to bend strings and be familiar with hammers / pull offs. This is a great ActionTab for learning these basic solo skills. If you get lost, then get stuck into the Core Skills section to build up these techniques.

Lead 1 - This mainly uses notes from the F major scale. Don't worry about getting it fast until you have got it right. Go as slow as you need at first.

Lead 2 - Excellent hammer on practice here. It seems more difficult than it really is. When it comes to the fast hammer licks here just remember to always pick the E note (held by the first finger) and hammer the F with your second finger. Repeat. We show it here with alternate picking, but you can do it all with downstrokes if you are fast enough. There are a couple of notes in there that are different, but as long as you get the main actions right, those will fit in with a little practice. Work on that first E-F hammer combo until you get the speed up, then move to the next lick. It's the same process, just using slightly different notes.

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