B Pentatonic Scale Trick

Animated B Pentatonic Scale Trick tab by ActionTab on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This ActionTab follows on from the previous lesson called 'E and B Pentatonic Scale'.

This time we make the scale more fun, and learn some useful solo basics too.

Taking the B pentatonic scale again, we play through the scale but this time we make more use of the notes. In the last ActionTab we simply played through 2 octaves, note by note.

Here we play the exact same B pentatonic minor scale notes - in a repeating pattern. There are lots of different names for this trick, but whatever you call it, playing through any scale using a repeating pattern greatly improves your skill and speed.

Here is the pattern:
Step 1 - Play the first 3 notes of the scale
Step 2 - Drop back to the note-before-last and play the next 3 scale notes starting from that note
Step 3 - Repeat

Easy :) You can do this going up the scale or down it. This ActionTab shows you this technique played up the B pentatonic scale, then down it. Lastly it shows you to play straight up and down the scale using this repeating pattern sequence with no pausing between notes.

It sounds really cool when played fast, and you will often hear note sequences played using this repeating pattern in solos.

Practice to get speed - remember to alternate pick using the down / up strokes shown for the strumming hand. That's the only way to build very fast speed in this style of playing. Listen to the normal speed version to get a feel for that.

You can make your own repeating patterns up. Once you can do this one - try making your own: like playing 4 notes, dropping back one note and then playing the next 4 scale notes. Try them out on different scales. You'll find your fingers will soon be learning their way around the scales. Have fun!

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