B7 Fingertapping

Animated B7 Fingertapping tab by ActionTab on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This exercise is from the Core Skills section on Fingertapping.

This exercise is just like the previous E7 tapping exercise, except now we play the same thing on the adjacent B string. This gives us B7 scale notes instead.

Fingertapping like this is an excellent way to not just learn different scales, but also to make fast tunes from their notes. Much more fun than simple scale practice!

By now your fingers should be able to find the notes and tap out the E7 version, so try this one and make sure that you don't accidentally hit the adjacent strings. Once you can do it, try playing the same thing across other strings. Doing this will help you get better at string control whilst tapping.

Again, to keep it simple, we've kept the open note visible throughout. Just remember that the open string will not be sounding while you are tapping / hammering on notes along it!

B7 scale notes are:

B - C# - D# - E - F# - G# - A - B

It is a standard B major scale, with the 7th note moved down by 1 fret (from A# - A)

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