Are You Gonna Go My Way

Animated Are You Gonna Go My Way tab by Lenny Kravitz on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This tune is totally reminiscent of Jimi Hendrix. The song is about Jesus Christ, freewill, and whether we will follow Him.

We've included all the different rhythm guitar layers in this ActionTab. The main riff (which the song starts with), continues under almost all the other layers. In the ActionTab we progress from the intro riff into the next riff (just as it does in the song). Bear in mind that in the song - Guitar 1 just keeps playing the opening riff underneath that 2nd riff. Incidentally, Both guitar riffs are octaves apart and layer perfectly.

The only 'layered' part of the ActionTab that may cause some confusion is when he sings 'So that's why...we've got to try...etc'.

At that point, the lower guitar riff (guitar 1) moves up to G (fret position 3) and the higher guitar part layered over that is up between frets 15-19. So for this section of the song we've had to seperate the two guitar parts and show you them in sequence. First, the lower guitar part, and then immediately afterwards, the higher guitar part (naturally in the song they are played together).

Beginners will definitely find the higher part easier to learn. The lower riff involves using your thumb to fret notes (typical Hendrix style). You can use your index finger to get that low G note, instead of using your thumb, but it will be trickier to do! Also note that the very end part of both riffs use different notes (these are played over the drum fills, that's why there is a suddenly different rhythm, using muting between notes).

The chorus is simple enough - just slide between the chords quickly. And once you know all the above guitar riffs, you can repeat them again to get the rest of the verses in the song.

The last guitar part is the funky rhythm guitar played during the solo. There is a flanger / phaser effect on the guitar here. For the funky strokes - remember to keep your picking hand constantly moving up and down over the strings and apply pressure / mute with your fingers on the fretboard (holding the chords). That funky effect is a clever interplay of striking chords and muting them, then striking the muted strings inbetween.

To mute the strings just take a little pressure off them, and keep your fingers in position (as shown in the ActionTab) on the notes. Keeping them there means you can easily apply pressure back onto the notes straightaway and get a full chord strike.

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