Angry Again (Rhythm)

Animated Angry Again (Rhythm) tab by Megadeth on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This rhythm guitar part is played by Dave Mustaine. The song was originally recorded in Eb tuning, however we've played it in standard to save you re-tuning your strings. We've taken out Marty Friedman's lead guitar part so you can concentrate purely on the rhythm guitar. However, you can hear both guitars together in the normal speed audio.

There are 6 main riffs in the song. Use these quick links to jump to them in the ActionTab:

Riff 1 - This little ascending lick is played right at the start, and later on as a link between song sections. Incidentally, Marty Friedman plays a lead harmony over it, using a higher scale. We'll show that in the Lead ActionTab.

Riff 2 - This is used for the verses and is the main song riff. It's a solid riff and very typical of Dave Mustaine.

Riff 3 - This is used for the choruses.

Riff 4 - Pre-solo riff.

Riff 5 - Dave plays this while Marty solos.

Riff 6 - Outro. This is just the same as the intro riff except with a different ending.

Don't forget to use palm muting where shown!

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