Anarchy in the UK (Backing)

Animated Anarchy in the UK (Backing) tab by Sex Pistols on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This guitar supports the Main Lead Guitar in the recording. It plays the same chord sequences as the Main Lead guitar, but major chords are often used rather than powerchords. This guitar is used in the recording to provide backing during the solos and to flesh out the sound overall (by using fuller chords).

A basic rule here is to barre across 2 notes with your little finger rather than just play 1 note. Like here. Adding this extra note transforms the powerchord to a major chord.

If you already know the main guitar (which we recommend doing first), then this will be straightforward enough to follow. Here are the song sections:

Intro - Same as the main guitar, except using the major chords (by adding that extra note with your 4th finger).

Verse - The 'rockabilly riff' is a little different this time, and the last 2 chords are played differently: F Major and E Minor

Chorus - Similar to the intro, the same chords are used again here.

Turnaround - Ends shortly after the big chord slide. Then return to the verse riffs again.

Solo 1 - This guitar does the backing chords.

Solo 2 - Again, here are the backing chords for the second solo.

Remember that this song is highly repetitive. Once you know the parts outlined above, just rinse and repeat! Each song part is quite small, so it shouldn't take too long to get the guts of the tune down.

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