Alternative Fingerpick

Animated Alternative Fingerpick tab by ActionTab on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

A great fingerpicking pattern applied here to some basic chord shapes in open DGCGCD open tuning. The Pattern is T3213123 and works well if you sustain the notes you are picking for as long as possible. For example, notice how each bass note sounds out until the next bass note is played. Meanwhile, try not to accidently mute other strings with your left hand as you move your fingers to play the next chord in the sequence.

The chord progression in this key partials of Cmin9 (no 5th), Eb maj7 (no 5th), D sus 4 (no 5th). Be careful experimenting with this tuning. It seems to steal all the 5th's from your chords.

For those of you wondering why this actiontab is in the rock and metal section...this is the sort of soft haunting melody required just before you hit the footswitch and blast out a full distortion drop D powerchord. You know the rest.

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