All The Small Things (Rhythm)

Animated All The Small Things (Rhythm) tab by Blink-182 on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

Catchy song, with lots of energy. There are 2 main guitar parts. Here we deal with the rhythm guitar, which is straightforward powerchords for the most part.

The chords are:

G5 - F5

C5 * 8
F5 * 8
G5 * 8 - mute *4 then low F5 played twice

Repeat Section 1 once more then...

Section 2

Palm mute through:

C5 * 8
G5 * 8
F5 * 8
G5 * 8

Repeat Section 2 three more times, then strike a full C5 powerchord and hold it.

Repeat Section 1 again 4 times - however notice that for the first 2 times through, don't mute the G5 chord. Instead, play the Low F5 8 times. Then revert to the standard Section 1 sequence for the next two times.

After that, play the Palm muted Section 2 again (twice through only), and finish with the full C5 powerchord again.

Then Section 1 repeats through twice (no muting). End on full C5 powerchord again.

After this the guitar cycles through 3 chords:

C sus4 no 5th - (C - F - C)
D sus4 no 5th - (D - G - D)
E aug5 no 3rd - (E - C - E)

As you can see the names may be awkward, but these chords are really quite simple! In the song, this part uses a clean tone (but we just turned the distortion down a bit, so you can still hear these background chords whilst the lead guitar does its thing).

After this, the song plays out through repeats of Section 1 again. Just watch for the palm muting twice and open Low F5 chord strikes towards the very end of the song.

Once you learn to play the first few sections then the rest of this song is very easy to learn.

You can also hear lead guitar part playing along in this ActionTab. We'll be looking at the lead parts specifically in this ActionTab.

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