Adam's Song

Animated Adam's Song tab by Blink-182 on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

For this song, you need to tune each string down a full step (2 frets) to:

Low D:G:C:F:A:D

The song is made of the following segments:

Intro & Interludes (clean guitar)

Verse (clean guitar: palm muted powerchord sequence)

Pre-Chorus (distorted guitar playing through octave chords)

Chorus (distorted guitar battering out powerchords)

A footswitch / pedal is the quickest way to switch between clean / distorted guitar settings.

The intro / interludes involve repetitive picking through 3 note segments. The only thing to watch out for here is that each interlude is not always the same sequence of notes as the last (although they are similar).

The verses involve palm muting through powerchords. Each powerchord is played with 8 palm muted downstrokes before switching to the next powerchord.

The octave chords for the pre-chorus are very similar to powerchords. The difference is that the middle string is ommited by muting with your 1st finger. It is struck, but will be drowned out by the surrounding strings.

The choruses are played with down / upstrokes through a simple powerchord sequence. Use 8 strikes per chord.

Once you can play through to the end of the first chorus, you will know 90% of the rest of the song!

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