Aces High (Adrian Smith)

Animated Aces High (Adrian Smith) tab by Iron Maiden on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

Here we look at Adrian Smith's guitar part for Aces High. Typical for Iron Maiden, the 2 guitars (Dave Murray and Adrian Smith) play harmonies. That means playing similar guitar melodies and riffs that work well together, but do not use the same notes. Often they will do this during Intro riffs (like in this song). During other song parts they will both just play the exact same thing. We look at Dave Murray's guitar in this ActionTab.

You can learn either guitarist's riffs for this song (or both). One isn't more dominant than the other. And they are generally similar, except for the solos.

Intro Riff 1 - Just keep repeating these 6 notes. Dave plays another set of 6 notes alongside. Use very light palm muting.

Intro Riff 2 - This short riff is played fast, and again it's alongside Dave's harmony.

Verse - Simple powerchords. Notice that the progression changes halfway through to use a different set of powerchords.

Bridge 1 - Quite a simple repeating lick. At the tail end of it the guitars play separate harmonies.

Chorus - Easiest part of the song. Just slam those powerchords and hold them while Bruce does his opera thing.

Bridge 2 - Repetitive but cool riff that acts as the staging platform for launching into the solo.

Solo Backing - Dave starts off the solo. Meanwhile Adrian plays these backing chords.

Solo - After Dave's solo, Adrian Smith launches into this solo.

And that's all the song parts you need to learn for the whole song! After that solo, just repeat the appropriate song parts (verse, chorus, bridge riffs etc) until the end of the song. They're all exactly the same as the parts we've already pointed out here.

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