A Team (Lead)

Animated A Team (Lead) tab by ActionTab on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

Here's the A-Team Theme! We also show you the backing chords here.

There are some tricky runs in this tune. In fact it starts out with just such a run. A 'run' is where you rip through a pattern of notes quickly in either an ascending or descending direction. This takes time to practice and get right, but is a valuable lead guitar skill. It sounds cool, and it helps you move between positions on the fretboard quickly.

Here the runs are played using hammer ons. This is a fast way to do runs, and is easier on your picking hand. Just go slowly until your fingers get each note sounding clearly. Then work at speeding it up.

The rest of the tune is easier to do, so you may want to skip the runs until you're able to play the rest of the tune first.

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