A Small Victory

Animated A Small Victory tab by Faith No More on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

From the Angel Dust album, 'A Small Victory' is all playable on just 1 guitar. This is the last album guitarist Jim Martin contributed on, before leaving the band. He brought a more conventional metal guitar approach to the band. Relying on tight and solid riffs more than flowery fills. That said, this is a very diverse album from the band, containing a lot of good songs. This is one of the best, and easiest to play.

The song simply cycles through a few easy riffs. There's no solos, but there is 1 riff that is fast and will take practice. Apart from that, this is all straightforward stuff...

Intro - The guitar joins in with the keyboard, playing a simple oriental melody. A couple of variations of this melody are played throughout the first half of the song verses.

Verse 1 - The second half of the song verses are really straightforward. Just palm mute the open A string as shown. You can use your fretboard hand to help mute the other strings to stop any accidental string noise. It's a short riff, and repeats after the F5 powerchord.

Verse 2 - An extension of the intro melody. This is just more of the same again, before returning back to the previous riff again.

Bridge - Another small variation of the intro / verse melody again. However, this time it ends differently, and goes straight into the chorus riff...

Chorus - All based around 1 A5 powerchord at fret 7, but also play the Low A string. This open string note beefs up the chord a bit. Also, notice that you need to press down with your first finger across 2 frets. Because occasionally, he removes the 3rd finger briefly to play this 'first finger' note instead. Listen to the riff a few times, and then practice adding / removing your 3rd finger at the right time. It's a short riff that repeats twice. End with banging out the Low E5 4 times, then go back to the verse / chorus melodies again.

Tricky Riff - This riff appears after the next chorus. It is actually very short and repetitive, not the worst to practice. The difficulty is the speed and there is a fast finger change to get to the bend cleanly, and in time. Play it down at fret 6 four times, then shift up to fret 11 and play exactly the same riff, four times.

Final Riff - This final riff first appears after the tricky riff. It is just sliding between two powerchords at the 7 - 8th frets. But remember to make muted strikes between these powerchords.

Everything else after this final riff, is just repeats of the previous riffs until the song ends.

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