12 Bar Blues 2 Solo C

Animated 12 Bar Blues 2 Solo C tab by ActionTab on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This solo is from the Jamzone where we are exploring the E blues scale on lead guitar.

Once more we use just the 3 E Blues Scales to create a blues solo. We will only switch between the last 2 scale positions to keep things a little easier, but to compensate, we'll use more flair and technique in the solo. As with the last 2 solos, this one will be played over the 12 Bar Blues 2 backing track.

The solo switches between 2 E blues scale positions in the following manner:

Position 3 (i.e. Fret 12 scale)

Position 2 (i.e. Fret 7 scale)

Position 3

Position 2

Position 3

By now you should really be familiar with the 3 source scales used in this series of ActionTabs (go back and learn them if not!). Unlike the last solo exercise, notice that there is no Position 1 (open position) playing because we are purely swapping between the last 2 scale positions here. While that keeps things simpler, there is more emphasis on technique - particularly with muting, slides, and string control.

By just using 2 scales and applying some techniques we can create a wide variety of blues melodies!

Learn the licks you like, and when ready, go back to the Backing ActionTab and try creating your own solos by using these scales and the things we've shown you.

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